Integral CE

Campus management System is a step towards taking the education to the next revolution after internet. It becomes inevitable for every institution to keep its repute high and make their, a flagship institution; this challenge can only be met with planned administration and by having the desired control over the activities happening in and around the campus.

There is no other way except to seek the help of Information Technology’s to keep their winning edge over their Educational business. Integral CE is one such tool to help you run your campus completely equipped with technology and growth. The comprehensive campus management system will help you to go live and create a platform for you as the management, the students, the instructors and the parents to communicate and express their thoughts.

Why do you need a Campus Management System?

  1. Empower yourself with better efficiency, controlled academic and administrative management to achieve unmatched performances with readily available information through Integral CE.
  2. Get most accurate information happening in your campus any where any time at a single click.
  3. High degrees of data security standards thereby your sensitive and valuable information are secured and protected.
  4. IntegralCE College Automation Software, tailor made to your aspirations and operational requirements.
  5. Comprehend your management, teachers, students and parents to everyday work flow to ease and confidence having information for them online even after campus.
  6. Better co-ordination and communication among Students / Teachers / Parents / Administrators.
  7. Stake holders conveniences are extended beyond campus.
  8. Extensible and streamlined work flow of administration and academia.
  9. Minimum human efforts, optimal and accurate reports.
  10. User / Group level access rights to the system, users having required rights only can access their select information.
  11. Information stored, helps to take Knowledge based Management of your Institution.
  12. Promotes your Institution online as a powerful branding amongst Public, Students, Educators etc.
  13. Rich web interface.
  14. Unmatched quality of service and post sales support.
  15. Minimize hand written work from admission to alumni formation; academic to non-academic.
  16. It helps you to minimize your repeated works and take care of the complete functionality of your school.
  17. It is a huge time saver and really facilitates proper communication among the management, staff and the parents
  18. Better flow of information on the web for Students, Parents, Teachers and the Management.